Jewelry Care

Although it is quite durable, enamel is glass and should be handled with the same care you give your other precious jewelry. Take care to not drop your enamel jewelry onto hard surfaces to avoid chipping and cracking.  I recommend avoiding extreme temperatures, such as leaving your jewelry in a car during very hot or very cold days. As with any jewelry, avoid contacting your enamel with harsh household chemicals and remove jewelry before showering. 

For silver components, polished pieces will naturally tarnish, especially if not worn very often. Use a polishing cloth available at most craft and big box stores to wipe away any signs of tarnish and be sure to put your jewelry on last, after makeup and hair products. Storing your jewelry in an airtight container, such as a ziploc bag, will help slow the tarnishing down. 

Many of my pieces come standard with oxidized sterling silver components and have less maintenance. Avoid wearing your jewelry while showering or swimming as this can effect the patina. The darkened look can be lessened by lightly rubbing with a polishing cloth or using extra fine steel wool, if desired. 

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns regarding the care of your jewelry.  In some cases, enamel can be repaired if you chip or crack the surface. Please contact me for details and costs for your piece to be repaired. 

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